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Top tools for bloggers and webmasters!

SEO is a dynamic industry where it is important to keep yourself updated. The most frequently used tools by the webmasters have been classified below.  It is important to update the toolkit from time to time.


  1. Google analytics:

Google analytics is the most valuable tool for the SEO industry. It is very important to understand and interact with the visitors on your site. Google analytics is the best tool to do so and the main aim is to understand the number of visitors. It provides the data to understand the visitor and to increase the number it is very helpful.

  1. Google search console:

This tool was previously known as the Google webmaster tools. It provides the data and the configuration to control your site. This is a very important tool in the SEO industry.

  1. Google keyword planner:

Adword keyword is the older name of this tool, the  new name of the tool is the Google keyword planner. It can let you pull the Google search query for a month, and it is also necessary because it can estimate a large number of keywords in a few seconds.

The keyword planner is one of the tools  which  gives an estimate about the monthly searches of a particular keyword let us say  if  you are searching for searches of a particular keyword let us say “samsung galaxy s8 edge”  then the tool will find out average monthly searches for your query along with the monthly searches graph.

samsung galaxy s8 edge

  1. Screaming Frog: 

A website crawler which is specially designed for the SEO work is Screaming frog. People can very important data within few minutes on the URL. It can be downloaded and used. This is a powerful resource to help you out.

  1. Google and (Bling):

This is again one of the most powerful tool for SEO work. It can detect the duplication, check the keywords, find index scrapers, SERP listing can be done.

  1. Bling webmaster tool:

BWT which is the Bling webmaster tool is used to keep a watch on how the site is treated by the Bling. It also provides features, which provides details of the indexation, crawling, some other elements along with the on-page keyword optimization.

  1. Keyword tool:

This is a tool which can be used in a simple way. You just have to enter a query and a lot of keywords based in the feature of auto complete Google, YouTube, Bling etc will be given out of it. Keyword tool is used while making a list of long tail keywords. It6 is a very good tool.

  1. Wayback machine:

It is a most complete archive and allows a person to imagine that a website used to look like in back days. This is a free tool and can be used to detect the things like missing traffic and other things which cannot be detected easily. It gives complete information about the things. It also provides the web screenshots for

  1. GT metrix:

It is a tool which is used to test the page speed and also determine the chances for the improvement and in today’s time is one of the important part of the SEO tool. GT metrix is one of the most reliable and user-friendly amongst the ones which are present here these days.

These were few important tools which are used these days. The tools keep on changing with time and we are going to update you with the upcoming and the most powerful tools.

Smartphone Features; we can’t live without

As we all know that smartphone is the need of the era, we couldn’t imagine our lives without a smartphone with us, and Smartphones plays a vital role in our day to day life. A smartphone is a single device which has the capability to replace multiple devices like we can replace a camera, printer, and a music player also. With a smartphone in your hand, you can do multitasking at a time and save your time. Nowadays smartphones are coming up with so many features that you can’t without like


  • Contact Address book

It is not possible to remember everyone’s contact no so we are dependent on our smartphone to get the contact list and contact no.

  • Video Calling

We are living in a modern era and we can’t meet often with our family and friends, due to our busy schedule and long distance living so we are again dependent on our smartphone for that to call them through the option of Video calling so see them once through our smartphones.

  • Print option

Today we have a number of smartphones with printer capability, if we want to decorate our baby’s rooms, we can easily print coloring pages through our smartphone and decorate her room instantly.

  • Web Browser

If we don’t know something, we need a web browser on our phone to get the information instantly with an internet connection.

  • Music Player

We get tired easily and need some relaxing moments so to accompany you in your relaxing mood with a good music, you need a smartphone again.

  • Camera

Nowadays smartphones are coming with 21 MP of the rear camera or some upcoming models have even 30 MP of rear camera, so with a smartphone, we can instantly capture a moment and saves it to create memories.

  • Voice-activated virtual assistant

This feature is there in the smartphone to assist you while driving or while doing some important work you can easily interact with your smartphone through voice commands.

  • GPS Navigation

The smartphone has an inbuilt GPS navigation to suggest you shortest route with minimum traffic, so as to save your time and money both.

  • Predictive Typing

It is there to suggest you related words so as to increase your typing speed and to save your time.

  • Calculator

The calculator is also an inbuilt function of a smartphone so that you don’t need a calculator separately.

  • Stopwatch, Alarm clock and timer

The alarm clock is there to replace conventional alarm clocks with that tic- tic voice and to give you pleasure sound sleep and to assist you while doing fitness exercises and yoga you have timer and stopwatch.


There is a list of many more in–built features; we have mentioned only some just to give you an idea that how much we are dependent on a smartphone these days and a smartphone is capable of replacing many devices as well.


Types of hosting for your web development WordPress

In 2010, Google said that the time to load a website influence the web positioning , Google ranking. If you areinterested in the best positions appear, then you should worry about the performance of your website .

Types of hosting for your web development WordPress

You can check your speed with tools like Pingdom. If it is above 2 seconds company should change full accommodation.

Do not forget that a good hosting will help your website. If your WordPress has enabled dozens of plugins or if your topic is quite heavy, then it could have serious performance problems no matter where you have yourwebsite hosted .

Different types of hosting solutions :

1. Shared Hosting:

If you’ve ever had a website , then you will come across shared hosting providers that offer packages very low prices, however, they have little flexibility. If your website grows, they appear a lot of problems, such as limited bandwidth and slow response times. The t imes slow response occurs because the only way that hosting companies can provide hosting at such a low price is compartinedo a lot of websites the same server .

If your income is not dependent on your website or if you have a blog, a shared hosting is a good choice

(The most economic)

2. Managed Hosting:

This category of hosting is similar to shared hosting, but you can think of it as a new generation of shared hosting. Offered by companies who know their product very well, they have tuned their servers, operating systems and have a dedicated support team on them.

The support team support is not limited to the basic problems with your hosting. This team provides advice on WordPress themes and plugins, configurations and updates.

Security is another important aspect of managed hosting.

3. Virtual Private Hosting:

It is a shared but with qualities and benefits of a dedicated hosting hosting.

It is an independent virtual server that is on a physical server and which in turn shares space with other virtual servers.

A single server can be shared across many virtual servers as you want, the number will depend among other things on the company providing the service.

Hosting “Bare Metal” Dedicated

Having your own dedicated server is almost the same as a VPS, but instead of sharing hardware resources with others through virtualization, you get to use all server resources for your website.

The drawback (besides price) is that hardware failures appear casual. This is different from the other categories that have seen that if, for example, a hard drive fails, your site is inactive.

5 ways to improve your personal brand on Google

Some ways to improve your personal brand are:

1. Conduct investigations

Googling is recommended daily. Before starting with proactive measures, it is vital that the person mark appears in the top 50 Google results. Be sure to remove any message that could be perceived as negative.Especially in social networks, because these can also appear in the search results for your personal brand.

2. Create your own website

Creating a website is one of the best ways to show their professional and personal work. Choose a domain name with your name included is a great way to ensure in the top positions of Google . It might be impossible to buy “” but may include your name + your area of interest. We recommend updating the information on its website constantly to reflect new projects, promotions and other vital business information.

3. Create a video

YouTube belongs to Google. If you search on Google you will see that very often appear YouTube videos on the Google page, there is a relationship between the video search engine and web search engine. According, 62 percent of Google searches include video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. You can write a 60-second commercial script about you. If you create a video about their interests, jobs and services, you can not only appear on the first page of Google, but it will show a closer treatment. Be sure to make a professional recording and editing. If the video is, or hear evil, would lose professionalism.

4. Optimize your Social Media

Social media channels can be a great advantage. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even personal Google+ have a strong chance to appear prominently in Google search results place. This is because all these sites have a lot of weight, especially if you have a large following.


5. Get feedback.

You can ask someone to leave a comment on your LinkedIn page or ask a witness that can later be posted on his personal website. Regardless of how you want to show these assessments, they will greatly improve their brand, professionally and personally.

A video, website, and testimonies can be the result that appears on the first results of Google.

How to display users online in real time on WordPress

Have I plan to show statistics on the number of users visiting your WordPress website? Widgets online users are quite common for sites like communities and forums. In this article, we will show how to display real-time WordPress users.

users online

The first thing you have to do is install and activate the plugin WP UserOnline . This plugin shows detailed statistics of where they are and who they are (members / visits / Bots Bots). Upon activation, you must visit the page Settings> UserOnline for configuration.

user settings online

On this page, you can change the default settings plugin. This configuration includes settings timeout, the page URL users online, and monitor settings.

The default configuration works for most sites, so you only need to press the button to save settings at the bottom of the page.

The next step is to create the page where you want to show users who are online at the moment in your WordPress website. For this you have to create a new WordPress page, go to Pages> Add new.

You can use any title page, but the URL of the page slug should be the same as in the plugin parameters. Now click on the Edit button next to slug URL and change it to UserOnline.

After this it is necessary to add the short code [page_useronline] in the content area.Now you can publish this page.

Seeing users online at the front-end of WordPress

The plugin offers two ways to display the online users on your WordPress website. the first method is recommended for beginners. Just go to Appearance> Widgets. Then drag and drop the widget user on the screen of the list of available widgets in the side bar or sidebar.

widget user online

The other method is to use this code in your theme files where you want to show users online.

<? php if (function_exists ( 'get_users_browsing_page' ?)):> <div id = "UserOnline-browsing-page" ?> < ? php Echo get_users_browsing_page (); ?> </ div> <? php endif ; ?>

Using the second method allows you to use custom CSS to design it differently. You can find more codes in the GitHub author of the plugin .

We hope this article will help you visualize the number of users on your WordPress site. You may also want to keep an eye on this tutorial on how to add a private messaging system in WordPress .

If you know a similar WordPress plugin to include visits in real time on the web, please share it in the comments.

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